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Center for THz-driven Biological Systems

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Getting a grip on fingerprints



THz Lab News

- 2018.Jun    Seontae Kim published in Adv.

                  Optical Materials as Front Cover Article

- 2019.Aug   Kihoon Eom received Ph.D Degree

- 2020.Jan    Dr. Jaehun Park joined the Lab for his sabbatical leave

                  from Pohang Accelerator Lab

2020.Feb    Prof. Park received an honorary professorship

                  at Samarkand State University Uzbekistan

- 2020.Jul     Seonmyeong Kim published in PhysChemChemPhys   

- 2020.Jul     Prof. Park is appointed as committee chair for

                  “Basic Research Promotion Committee” under

                  “National Science Technology Advisory Committee”

- 2020.Aug   JiYeong Yoon joined the Lab      

- 2020.Oct    Seonmyeong Kim published in ChemPhysChem     

- 2020.Dec    Seungmok Yum and Inkeun Baek published in PNAS

- 2020.Dec    Awarded a Prize for excellent service in

                       Basic Reseach Promotion by Minister of

                       Science and ICT of Republic of Korea

- 2021.Feb     Awarded a Prize for excellent contribution in Education

                       and Research by President of  Seoul National University

- 2021.May    Prof. Park recived  John R. Pierce Award for Excellence

                       in Vacuum Electronics 2021


Research Position Opened


- Graduate students, Postdoctoral researchers, Research professors

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